It is not uncommon for parents to feel like they've lost control or don't have the resources to guide their children through various life stages. I always say to parents that if they are not coping themselves, they are little good to anyone else. It can be extremely difficult to watch your children struggling with life but not being totally sure how to support them through it. Instead, every conversation ends up in a fight, despite your best efforts to be understanding and supportive. If you have a child who is acting out or having behavioural difficulties, it is often related to something much deeper. Therapy can provide you with tools for helping your child negotiate the difficulties they are facing. Sometimes all it takes is a small shift to see a change in your child's behaviour. Therapy can help parents who are struggling to help their children through the following:

Behavioural difficulties


Acting out

Subtance misuse


Sexual misconduct


School related difficulties

Post natal depression


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